Watson Bible Church Mission and Vision.

“Our Mission is to be a family of believers committed to proclaiming and spreading the Gospel as we grow in our love for Christ and one another

“Our vision is that we become a congregation of at least 150 active participants with a strong individual leading in each of the following areas:  Community, Discipleship, Evangelism, Preaching and Service.”


  •  We desire to have diversity in the ages of those attending our church.
  •  We commit to encouraging diversity in our ministry styles, in ways that are pleasing to God.
  •  We want to be known as a congregation that is focused on grace, and is willing to accept those who come with tarnished pasts.
  •   We expect authentic relationships with accountability to develop among those who attend our church.


  • We want to help develop Biblical discernment and worldviews in each person who attends our church.
  • We want to help nurture spiritual fruit in the lives of those who have been evangelized through the efforts of our church members.


  • We expect much of our numerical church growth to come through bringing the unsaved to the knowledge of Christ through our evangelism of the unsaved.


  • We desire preaching from our pulpit that is Christ centered, both evangelizing the lost, and leading believers to a closer walk with God.
  • We require that preaching in our church be expository in nature so that the whole word of God is taught, even if the conclusion defies popular culture.


  • We want our church services to demonstrate meaningful and engaging worship to our God and to be actively participated in.
  • We expect that our members will be involved in ministry both inside the church building, and out in the community, in whatever ways are possible for them.